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About the island:


Also known as “The Enchanted Island”, Puerto Rico is as close to paradise as you can get. Small as it is, only 96 x 35 nautical miles, do not let its tiny size fool you. Puerto Rico is blessed with some of the greatest beaches in the Caribbean, as well as a rainforest hosting hundreds of animal and plant species, (some of which are autochthonous like the famous coqui) and is also home to several bio-luminescent bays, exclusive to few places on Earth. We also have the longest zip line in the world, tropical weather all year round and great coffee and rum. No wonder Puerto Ricans are considered some of the happiest people in the world!


Currently a commonwealth of the United States, our currency is the US dollar and no passport is needed for visitors from the U.S. Also, English is commonly spoken by the majority of Puerto Ricans so you don’t get lost in translation. Hop on one of the major airlines of your preference and be here in just a few hours.


Come and experience our cuisine, our music, our people, and help us fill your scrapbook with great memories from this Caribbean gem.

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Spectacular Beaches

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Spectacular Flora

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