Villa Casablanca

Villa Casablanca

$300.00 - $1,372.00

Type: Villa
2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Sleeps 6 Property Size 221 m2
Live the tropical luxury resort experience at our Villa Casablanca on the grounds of the fabulous Bahia Beach Resort.

Fully functional with water and electricity! No damage from the hurricane!

The beach is a short walk away, and can be reached on foot. Towels are complimentary at the Verandas pool.

The fully equipped kitchen is ready for gourmet cooking, while the elegant living/dining area provides plenty of space for leisurely dining and entertaining. Immediately adjacent is the generous open-air veranda with a state-of-the-art BBQ and additional eating and leisure space. And the door from the living area to the veranda can be fully opened to create one huge indoor/outdoor leisure area.

Rental Agreement

Guest agrees to rent the property described in this listing from Homeowner, for the dates indicated, according to the following terms and conditions. Once booking is confirmed Homeowner will send Guest a printable version that includes the address and full details.

Property. The property is fully furnished and includes all needed kitchen utensils and equipment, dishes, linens and towels. This property owns one golf cart for the exclusive use of Guest and Rental Party.

Rental Party: Guest agrees to provide the names and ages of the other persons within 36 hours of booking the property, or 24 hours prior to Check-In, whichever occurs sooner.

Minimum age: Guest must be 25 years old or older, unless Homeowner grants a waiver in writing.

Identification: Guest agrees to provide his/her age and a copy of a government-issued identification containing a photo and address as proof of identity. Guest also agrees to provide a contact phone number that will be used during Guest's stay. This ID must be provided within 36 hours of booking the property, or 24 hours prior to Check-In, whichever occurs sooner.

Additional persons: The normal maximum number of persons allowed to stay in this property is indicated in the listing. Additional persons may only stay with written authorization of Homeowner, and there will be an additional charge per person per night.

Rental Rules: Guest agrees to abide by all terms contained in this Agreement, as well as House Rules posted in the property, at all times while at the property, and shall cause all members of the rental party and anyone else Guest permits on the property to abide by these terms at all times.

Use of Resort Amenities: Guest and additional persons who have been registered as part of this Agreement shall have permission to use the Bahia Beach Resort amenities, provided the Resort Fee of $57.75 per day has been paid (Guest may opt not to acquire this permission). The Resort amenities are: the tennis courts, fitness center, beach club at Sand Dollar Beach, Boat House (with kayaks, bicycles and other gear), golf driving range and ocean side pool center. ID cards will be issued for all persons who are authorized to use the Resort amenities, and they must present these to gain access to the amenities. Additional persons other than those registered in the Property are not permitted to use the Resort amenities. NOTE: The pool in Las Verandas is not a Resort amenity; there are no restrictions in its use by Guests, other than the rules posted in the pool area.

Access for Homeowner: Guest shall allow Homeowner access to the property for purposes of repair and inspection. Homeowner shall exercise this right of access in a reasonable manner.

Smoking & Pets: This is a NO-SMOKING property; smoking is not allowed. Also, pets are not allowed in the property under any circumstances. Firearms or illegal drugs are not allowed under any circumstances.

Keys & remote control: Two sets of keys will be delivered to Guest upon arrival.

Consumables: Homeowner shall stock the property with enough consumables (toilet paper, Bounty, detergent, soap etc.) to last for the first few days of Guest’s stay. After that Guests shall provide these items.

Payment Due Dates: First Payment – at time of booking. This covers the cleaning fee and 50% of rental amount.

Second Payment – 60 days prior to Check-In date. Covers 7% Tourism Tax, refundable deposit, Resort Fees and any fees for extra services requested by Guest.

Third Payment – 30 days prior to Check-In date. Remaining 50% of rental amount.

If booking is made less than 30 days prior Check-In date all 3 payments shall be due at time of booking. If booking is made 30-60 days prior to Check-In date first and second payments shall be due at time of booking.

Reservation is only confirmed once First Payment has been made, and may be cancelled by Homeowner at any time up to then. Failure of Guest to make Second or Third Payments within 2 days of the due date shall be construed as a cancellation of the reservation by Guest at that time.

Cancellation Policy: If Guest cancels reservation more than 60 days prior to Check-In Date all monies paid will be refunded.

If Guest cancels reservation more than 30 days and less than 60 days before Check-In Date Guest shall forfeit the First Payment shown in Payment Schedule plus the 7% tax, other monies paid will be refunded.

If Guest cancels reservation less than 30 days before Check-In date only deposit will be refunded, if it has been paid.

Homeowner is not responsible for service failures of utilities (electric power, water or TV/internet). Homeowner is also not responsible for weather-related issues, unless the property is unusable due to a weather event.

Insurance: Homeowner encourages Guest to purchase travel insurance to cover these issues.

Cancellation by Homeowner: Homeowner may cancel this Agreement at any time before or during Guest’s stay if:

1 – Guest repeatedly or flagrantly violates the terms of this Agreement or the House Rules.

2 – Actions of Guest or members of his party require the intervention of police or Security.

Security Deposit: The Refundable Security Deposit is due in the Second Payment and shall be refunded within 10 days of the Checkout Date provided no deductions are made due to:

1 – Damage to the property or its furnishings, beyond normal wear and tear.

2 – Dirt or other mess requiring excessive cleaning. NOTE: If the premises appear dirty of damaged upon Check-In Guest shall inform Homeowner immediately.

3 – Pets on premises without prior permission.

4 – Persons in the property who have not been reported to Homeowner.

5 – Lost keys or remote control units.

6 – Any other excess cost incurred by Homeowner as a result of Guest’s use of property.

Golf Cart: Liability Release and Hold Harmless

Guest understands the risks associated with driving an electric vehicle and knows the risks and dangers involved in such activity, including but not limited to, damage to his/her person and property that may be sustained in connection with the stated and any associated activity in and about the premises. Therefore, the undersigned do hereby release and forever discharge each of The Marco Polo Collection and the Homeowner, their parent companies (if applicable), their affiliates, subsidiaries, sisters, associates, and franchises, if any, as well as their successors, predecessors, stockholders, officers, executives, directors, supervisors, employees, agents, attorneys, representatives, insurers, trustees or guarantors, either in their official or personal capacity (hereinafter collectively know as “the Released Entities”), from any liability, actions, claims and demands from, upon, or by reason of, or directly or indirectly related to the use or operation of the Golf Cart or other related injuries which hereafter have been or may be sustained.

Guest hereby also agrees to hold harmless each of the Released Entities from any civil or criminal liability, including, without limitation, damages, costs, attorneys fees and expenses, directly or indirectly arising from the use and operation of the Golf Cart, which might be presented by the Guest, the Rental Party, their immediate family, their heirs, administrators, and assigns or any other third person.

Guest also hereby agrees and represents that he/she will not damage the Golf Cart and will return it in its original form and condition. If not, they shall pay for any and all damages that Homeowner may incur to repair said vehicle.

Golf Cart: Rules and Regulations of Usage

Within the Bahia Beach Resort the use of this cart is permitted subject to the following rules and regulations:

1 Only Guest or registered members of the Rental Party shall be authorized and licensed to operate this golf cart within the Resort, provided that they must be at least sixteen (16) years of age and have a valid driver's license.

2 Golf cart passengers must remain seated at all times and only one person may occupy each seat. All safety precautions shall be followed.

3 It is the responsibility of Guest to re-charge the golf cart daily at the assigned parking space.

4 This golf cart is not allowed on the golf courses of the Resort. It is to be used exclusively for transportation of Guest and members of his/her party within the Resort.

5 This golf cart is not allowed on the golf cart paths of the Resort, except during medical emergencies and storm/lightning conditions.

6 Every golf cart driver must observe and obey all signs, stakes, roped-off areas and other markers used to guide golf carts.

7 Golf cart drivers shall remain vigilant at all times and shall watch out for children, pedestrian traffic, bicycles and animals that may be sharing the Resort roads with them.

8 Operation of a golf cart while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs is prohibited.

9 Golf carts shall not be driven over sprinkler heads. If damage is caused by careless operation Guest will be held responsible for all costs associated with the repair of the damaged property.

10 Golf cart drivers must avoid any areas that are newly planted, wet or under repair. If damage is caused by careless operation Guest will be held responsible for all costs associated with the repair of the damaged property.

11 Guest and Drivers hereby release and hold the Resort, the Club, the Master Association, the Neighborhood Association, the Released Entities and their affiliates harmless of any loss or damage relating to the operations of the golf cart.

12 In the event of an accident involving this cart and one or multiple golf carts, other vehicles, persons or property and resulting in any injury or property damage, Guest must immediately notify Resort security personnel and The Marco Polo Collection.

13 Guest and driver(s) must comply with the rules and regulations set herein, and any person in violation thereof may have his/her golf cart privileges revoked.

Any infractions of these rules may result in forfeiture of the Golf Cart privileges and cancellation of this Agreement. Guest will assume full responsibility until end date of this Agreement. Guest(s) and the driver(s) (if different) shall both be found jointly liable for golf cart and any damages to the same or for injury or damages to third party or persons.

Any changes to this agreement shall be made in writing and agreed to by both parties.

Both parties agree to the terms of this Agreement. Guest acknowledges this by making First Payment.

Payment Agreement

First payment, at time of booking: 50% of cleaning fee and total rental.

Second payment, 60 days before arrival: 7% Tourism tax, resort fees and refundable deposit, plus any fees for extra services requested by Guest.

Third payment, 30 days prior to arrival: Remaining 50% of cleaning fee and total rental.

For bookings made less than 30 days prior to arrival, all 3 payments shall be due at time of booking.

For bookings made 30-60 days prior to arrival first and second payments shall be due at time of booking.

Reservation is only confirmed once first payment has been made, and may be cancelled at any moment up to then. Failure of Guest to make second or third payment within 2 days of the due date shall be considered as a cancellation of the reservation by the Guest at that time.

Cancellation Policy

The guest will be refunded 100% of the total cost if the cancellation happens at least 60 days before the checkin

The guest will be refunded 50% of the total cost if the cancellation happens at least 30 days before the checkin

House Rules

Minimum age requirement for main renter: 25 yrs. A photo Id will be requested from main renter in order to confirm the booking.

Suitable for children.

No pets and no smoking allowed.

Guests are expected to behave well, taking neighbors into consideration and are expected to take great care of the unit.

Upon confirmation of the reservation additional information will be requested for rental agreement.


  1. As you drive out of the airport you will pass an underpass under one of the taxiways. You want to head east on Rte. 26 (more commonly known as Avenida Baldorioty de Castro). Take the second turnoff to the right – the signs say “Fajardo” and “Carolina”. This puts you on Route 26.

  2. If you are coming from points further West (Isla Verde, Old San Juan or the Condado) you pass the main airport entrance. The airport is to your left.

  3. Continue past the airport, the runway will be on your left.

  4. After about 3 miles there are several turnoffs in rapid succession to the right, onto Route 3, Carolina and other points. Stay in one of the two left lanes, you want to stay on Route 26.

  5. Route 26 becomes Route 66, and shortly you pass through a toll station. The express lanes are on the left.

  6. After about 11 miles Route 66 comes to an end at a stoplight at Route 3 (Route 3 and 66 basically run parallel). There are 3 lanes; stay in the middle lane to cross straight over Route 3.

  7. Continue straight at the stoplight, crossing Route 3 onto Road 187N.

  8. Cross a small bridge. About 150 yards beyond it 187 splits - bear right.

  9. Pass along the outskirts of Rio Grande. The main part of town is to your left.

  10. After about 2 miles you come to an S-turn to the right, across a small concrete bridge.

  11. Just past that make a right turn into the entrance to St. Regis Bahia Mar.

  12. At the security gate identify yourself and indicate that your are guests at Las Verandas 3223. You will have been pre-registered so you can access the property.

  13. Continue straight, through an intersection and past the Audubon Reverve (on your right).

  14. After you cross a wooden bridge there is a Stop sign. Turn to the right.

  15. Pass the Boat House to your right and cross another wooden bridge

  16. After about 150 yards you come to a traffic circle. Building 3 is to the left just past this circle, and the parking area is between buildings 2 and 3. Your parking spaces are 69 and 82.

  17. Villa Casablanca is located on the second floor, to your right when you get off the elevator.

  18. Our representative will meet you at the property, based on the time that you have coordinated. However, if you are arriving after-hours you will need to use the lock box, which you will find on the door handle of the apartment door.

  19. To open the lock box lower the cover and enter the 4-digit code that you have been given. There is a little lever to the left of the tumblers; press it down and the lock box opens, and the emergency set of keys with a green tag is inside.

  20. Use these keys to open the apartment. Inside it you will find 2 sets of keys on the table, one with a blue tag and one with a red tag, and also a remote control unit for the parking gate. Please return the lock box key set (green tag) to the lock box, this is the emergency set. Scramble the code.

  21. Each key set consists of 1 key for the front door of the apartment and the blue key set also has the key for the golf cart (unless the cart is key-less). 

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  • Car Recommended
  • Children Welcome
  • Elevator in Building
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Infants Allowed
  • Parking Included
  • Smoking Not Allowed
  • Bicycle
  • Board Games
  • Books
  • Communal Pool
  • Golf
  • Hot Tub
  • Kayak Canoe
  • Pool
  • Pool Table
  • Botanical Garden
  • Cinemas
  • Museums
  • Playground
  • Restaurants
  • Rural / Countryside Retreats
  • Waterfalls
  • Cable / Satelite
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Childrens Pool
  • Dining Room
  • DVD Player
  • Hair Dryer
  • Linen / Bed Sheets
  • Parking Space
  • Safe
  • Soap & Shampoo
  • Telephone
  • Terrace
  • Towels
  • Toys
  • TV
  • WIFI Internet
  • Barbecue
  • Coffee Maker
  • Dish Washer
  • Dishes & Utensils
  • Dryer
  • Freezer
  • Grill
  • Iron & Board
  • Kitchen
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove
  • Toaster
  • Washing Machine
  • Beachcombing
  • Bird Watching
  • Horseback Riding
  • Outlet Shopping
  • Shopping
  • Sight Seeing
  • Water Sports
  • Fitness Center
  • Groceries
  • Medical Services
  • Beach
  • Lake View
  • Mountain View
  • Town
  • Cycling
  • Fishing Bay
  • Deepsea Fishing
  • Fishing
  • Golf
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Sailing
  • Scuba Or Snorkeling
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Adventure
  • Away From It All
  • City Getaway
  • Family
  • Luxury
  • Romantic
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